Concrete Skips

View the widest range of concrete skips available in the UK. Custom made options are available across the range.

Category Image for Concrete Column Skips

Concrete Column Skips

Column skips are designed to allow concrete to be poured into columns or shuttering with narrow or difficult access and then discharged at low level, reducing the risk of aggregate separation.

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Category Image for Concrete Coneflow Skips

Concrete Coneflow Skips

The Coneflow Skip features a curved discharge chute and a geared gate. This allows precision when pouring large volumes of concrete
  • Available in upright or laydown versions

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Category Image for Other Concrete Skips

Other Concrete Skips

The large opening SBC skip and bottom discharge 117 skip are the other popular UK choices in the Secatol range

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Category Image for Bespoke Concrete Skips

Bespoke Concrete Skips

Working with Secatol we are able to produce bespoke concrete skips to meet your site specific requirements. These include radio remote control operated skips to super size 7,200 litre skips. Call now to discuss your requirements

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Category Image for Forklift  / Crane Skips

Forklift / Crane Skips

View our range of skips designed to for use with forklifts or telehandlers. The skips also have lifting eyes for use with cranes if required.

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Category Image for Gates for Concrete Skips

Gates for Concrete Skips

View gate the wide range of gate options available

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Category Image for Skip Washing Platforms

Skip Washing Platforms

The SECANET Concrete Skip Washing Platform is designed to enable Secatol Concrete Skips to be cleaned in a safe and efficient way.

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