NAB Stretcher Cage

The NAB Stretcher Cage is specifically designed for transporting an injured person on a stretcher along with one attendant

Product details

The NAB stretcher cage has been specially designed to evacuate an injured person accompanied by one or two persons, on a worksite where the access is difficult. The cage has slide up gates for easy access, fully meshed sides for extra safety, 4 leg lifting and two leg safety slings.
For exceptional, urgent and non-repetitive work, as well as inspection visits or other interventions, the range of NAT / NAB crane man cages allows the transport of one or several persons to a place which would otherwise be inaccessible, because of access constraints.
All Stretcher Cages are CE marked with Test Certificate and EC Declaration of Conformity. Safety harness and lanyard must always be worn by all persons using Crane Man Riding Cages.
Galvanised option is also available
Product code Description SWL
Capacity Net weight
63013 NAB3 Stretcher Cage 360 3 persons 293
63013G NAB3 Stretcher Cage - Galvanised 360 3 persons 314
Length: 2300mm
Width: 1245mm
Height: 2280mm