TI FU - Forklift Upright Concrete Column Skip

Popular in precast applications. A versatile column skip that can be lifted by forklift or crane.

Product details

The column skip is designed to enable concrete to be poured into narrow shuttering or columns using either a fork lift or crane.  Standard sizes from 350 litres to 3,500 litres.
  • Fitted with a patented integral gate which ensures continuity of concrete flow
  • Supplied with fixed lifting points for chains and locking fork lift pockets 
  • Supplied with a 200mm diameter, 3 metre long, heavy duty discharge hose which prevents segregation.  Also available in 90, 150 and 250mm diameter quick release funnels
  • Gate operation is by means of a nylon rope attached to a spring return lever ensuring excellent control whilst allowing the operator to control the pour from ground level