BSB - Telehandler Concrete Skip

With a capacity of 500 litres the BSB can be filled from a standard concrete mixer and moved with a Telehandler

Product details

The Secatol BSB Telehandler Concrete Skip,with a capacity of 500 litres is the ideal skip for use on building sites with a Telehandler. The low overall height of just 730mm enables the skip to be filled from a site concrete mixer.

2 way fork pockets with a safety locking system are fitted as standard, whilst emptying is by means of a lever operated gate which allows small amounts of concrete to be discharged. The base of the skip has a 10 degree slope to assist with discharging the concrete.


A version of the BSB 500L is available with an attachedment to allow for the fitting of a 200mm dia rubber discharge hose. This detatchable attachment enables the BSB to pour concrete through narrow shutters or columns.